A yearning. A need. A fire. So many times I want to pack a bag, throw it in my trunk and set out to *somewhere* in my car. So many times I've found myself thinking "anywhere could be better than here."  

Here. In this broken body that aches, confuses, and limits me. 

Here. In this place that is already beginning to quiet as summer says its goodbyes. A place rich with energy, warmth, and aliveness in the summer, but turns to solitude as the ocean winds bring cooling temperatures. A place that I'm fearful of because of the isolation it can bring.

Here. In my head again. A place that causes panic, sadness, guilt. What will I amount to? What parts of life will I forever miss? How can I be this, do that, see this, love that? 

I want to love it here: Here in my body. Here in my mind. Here in this place.

Freedom isn't always the ability to run away. Freedom is sometimes just opening your eyes and learning to love and appreciate where you are. 

Photographer: Jessie Shaw 

Photographer: Jessie Shaw